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AA Answering Service

We’re here to help. Please call 519-396-2233 or 1-888-695-9357 at any time if you have any questions, to find a meeting near you, or to be connected with a member.

If you have any questions specific to any of our District 5 Committee Chairs, please feel free to contact us below.

Executive Committee Chairs

District Committee Member (DCM) Tony S. dcmdist5area86@gmail.com
Alternate DCM Don Mac.
Treasurer April B. april@bmts.com
Secretary Lisa J.

Sub Committee Chairs

Archives Charlie D. mrcharliedd@gmail.com
Bridging the Gap (BTG) David G.
Telephone Answering Service Sean A. sean.onthepath@gmail.com
Literature Paul B. gunner802@outlook.com
Grapevine Bruce L. brl@wightman.ca
Website Colin W. website.district5area86aa@gmail.com
Remote Communities/Accessibility Becky W.
CPCPI John B. agriculturematters@icloud.com
Roundup Kelly B. roundup,dist5area86@gmail.com